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We specialize in custom application development using FileMaker Pro


MicroServ LLC's final day of operations will be 3/31/2023. For all further inquiries, please reach out to Angel City Data:

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About MicroServ

MicroServ LLC specializes in custom application development with the FileMaker platform. Over two decades of experience with FileMaker has convinced us of its unique power and flexibility as a development tool. MicroServ design services include thorough workflow analysis, careful application design and testing, professional documentation, and comprehensive training and support. Custom application development is our sole focus; we sell no commercial solutions.

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Ask Barb

Ready to start your next FileMaker project? Barbara Levine has decades of experience tailoring FileMaker applications to clients' needs. Ask how MicroServ can help you to work more effectively.


Since 1988, we have supported hundreds of complex custom solutions using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Go. The success of these installations stems from our twin emphases on technical proficiency and in-depth customer support. Clients report that our attentiveness to their needs is often as mission-critical as our technical skills. MicroServ strengths include integrating new features and technologies into existing solutions.

Why filemaker?

FileMaker is a powerful problem-solving tool available on Windows and Macintosh computers as well as iPads and iPhones. MicroServ uses FileMaker to craft full-featured and efficient applications for small groups and large teams. FileMaker provides a nimble development environment: solutions can be designed quickly, revised frequently, and distributed widely. Contact MicroServ to find out how we can optimize your workflow with a customized FileMaker solution. Learn more about FileMaker here.

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